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Art and Culture in Chennai

Art and Craft of Chennai
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Chennai portrays a distinctive blend with a wonderful blend of cosmopolitan and traditional culture. The development in Chennai has been awe-inspiring, with the establishment of number of industries, and establishment of technology giants.

Chennai population emulates the convergence, of a varied community and still they live in concord and celebrate all the functions with zeal. You walk down the city, and can taste the gastronomy of the local cuisine, as well as all the modern fast food the youngsters want to enjoy.

Music and Dance in Chennai

Chennai DanceChennai culture is a blend of unique dance, traditions and customs along with exclusive food and lifestyle. Chennai is famous for its classical Indian dance Bharatnatyam. The dance is generally believed to be a reconstruction of dance forms of the devadasis in the ancient time. The dance has distinct elements like rhythmic movements and a movement with dramatic poses.

It is believed that Bharat Natyam is a version of the celestial dance of the apsaras. Bharat Natyam is more often referred to as the fire dance, the manifestation of the element fire in human body. It is not just a dance but a celebration or experiencing oneness with the supreme. Kalakashetra is a very prominent institute, which teaches people of all ages this traditional dance form.

Though Chennai is a multi-ethnic city, it witnesses one of the best music show and dance performances in India. Every year in the month of December, Chennai sets its stage ready for a five week long; Carnatic music shows, with a number of Kacheries, performed by well renowned musicians. People from all over the world, come to witness this and speaks volume of the shows, this is a truly festive period in the city.

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Theater in Chennai

Chennai forms a platform, for vivacious theaters and plays both in Tamil and English. The plays are based on history, mythology and comedy. Many of the youths from schools and colleges are actively involved, in the English theaters, and it plays the works of many a famous authors.

Heritage Trips in Chennai

Heritage Spots in ChennaiTamil Nadu is a city that is frequented by tourist, and they are enthralled by its unspoilt culture and traditions and the heritage sights. The heritage sights are numerous and to get the good feel of the state, a minimum of five days should be dedicated.

The sightseeing starts from the very city of Chennai, with famous tourist attractions such as the Fort St George, Museums and Theosophical Society to visit.

  • Mahabalipuram:
    The trip to the outskirts would include the popular destination of Mahabalipuram, its highlights include a visit to the Five Rathas, and these display the works of highly skilled craftsmen, who carve out statues from stone. The Dakshinachitra, this is a museum which displays the houses of different communities, from states such as; Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

  • Kancheepuram:
    Kancheepuram,is a destination visited by a number of religious tourists, and is a sacred place of the Hindus. It houses a large number of temples; the famous ones include the Kailasanatha temple. This is also a popular destination among the women folk, to shop for pure Kancheepuram saris, and these are woven by traditional craftsmen.

Cuisines of  Chennai

Cuisine of ChennaiPeople in Chennai are extremely hospitable, and food is extremely important in Tamil Nadu. Food is considered very pure, and serving food, is seen as a supremely virtuous act. The gastronomy of Chennai has to be enjoyed by, all the tourists who make a trip to the city. Rice is the staple food in Chennai and most of the breakfast and the main menu dishes are made out of rice.

The famous dishes are dosa, rava, idli, uttappam and dosa. These are accompanied by Sambhar and Coconut or Tomato Chutney. Chutney is an important condiment of Chennai, and there are different varieties of Chutney such as tomato chutney and coconut chutney made with different kinds of Chilies.

Rice is consumed both for lunch and dinner. It is eaten with different vegetarian dishes such as sambar and dry vegetables. Specialty rice’s are famous in Chennai it includes: tamarind rice, tomato rice and lime rice. Non-vegetarian is extremely popular in Chennai especially the Chettinad cuisine. The food is hot and spicy and bursts, with flavor the famous dishes is pepper chicken fry. There are a large number of restaurants for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

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Festivals of Chennai

The real show of Tamil Nadu cuisine is displayed during the festivals. The most important festivals are Pongal and Deepavali. During the festival of Pongal, houses dish out different types of Pongal, the spicy version and the sweet one, with a religious amount of ghee poured into it.

  • Pongal in Chennai:
    This is the harvest festival and is the most important festival in Chennai. The festival marks the end of the farming season and is celebrated over a span of four days. It is celebrated in the month of January. Different varieties of pongal is made on this day and devoured by all the nativities of the city.

  • Deepavali in Chennai:
    The festival is celebrated with a lot of fanfare in Chennai and the celebrations span over a period of five days. The city comes alive with the light and the “diyas and people of all ages rejoice this auspicious occasion by bursting fire crackers.
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Chennai is a truly a unique city, which is sophisticated, and at the same time is conventional and rich in culture. It is a treat to visit its heritage sights, and enjoy its finger-licking good food.

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