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International Flights from Chennai

The Anna Terminal in Chennai International Airport is where all the international flights from Chennai take off or land. Chennai International airport was the third busiest airport in India in the calendar year ending December 2012.

International Flights from Chennai

The International Terminal is named after former chief minister of Tamil Nadu, C.N. Annadurai. Being one of the metropolitan cities of India many international flights fly from here. Here is the list of international routes from Chennai Airport:

Chennai to Dubai Flight Schedule:

Emirates Airlines (Daily)
Arrival: 06:20
Departure: 03:30

Arrival: 12:25
Departure: 09:40

Arrival: 00:40
Departure: 21:4

Air India (Daily)
Arrival: 22:30
Departure: 20:00

Chennai to London Flight Schedule:

British Airways (Mon/Tue/Wed/Sat/Sun)
Arrival: 09:35
Departure: 04:00

Chennai to Sharjah Flight Schedule:

Air Arabia Airways (Daily)

Arrival: 06:25
Departure: 03:40

Air India (Daily)
Arrival: 22:25
Departure: 17:35

Chennai to Brussels Flight Schedule:

Jetair (Daily)
Arrival: 08:10
Departure: 02:00

Chennai to HongKong Flight Schedule:

Cathay Pacific (Daily)
Arrival: 11:00
Departure: 03:15

Chennai to Mauritius Flight Schedule:

Air India (Tue)
Arrival: 11:00
Departure: 06:45

Air Mauritius (Tue)

Arrival: 11:00
Departure: 06:45

Chennai to Abu Dhabi Flight Schedule:

Etihad Airways (Daily)
Arrival: 07:40
Departure: 04:45

Chennai to Doha Flight Schedule:

Qatar Airlines (Daily)
Arrival: 06:55
Departure: 04:30

Chennai to Kuwait Flight Schedule:

Kuwait Airways (Wed/Sat)
Arrival: 08:40
Departure: 05:45

Kuwait Airways (Mon)
Arrival: 10:40
Departure: 07:50

Air India (Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat)
Arrival: 22:45
Departure: 18:15

Chennai to Riyadh Flight Schedule:

Saudia Arabian (Mon/Sat)
Arrival: 13:00
Departure: 10:00

Saudia Arabian (Wed)
Arrival: 13:00
Departure: 10:00

Chennai to Bangkok Flight Schedule:

Thai Airways (Daily)
Arrival: 06:25
Departure: 01:30

Chennai to Frankfurt Flight Schedule:

Air India(Daily)
Arrival: 07:50
Departure: 01:45

Arrival: 07:50
Departure: 01:45

Chennai to Male Flight Schedule:

Air India (Mon/ Wed/Thu)
Arrival: 12:00
Departure: 10:30

Air India (Sat/Sun)
Arrival: 12:00
Departure: 10:30

Chennai to Singapore Flight Schedule:

Air India (Daily)
Arrival: 07:20
Departure: 00:45

Jetair (Daily)
Arrival: 08:05
Departure: 01:15

Silk Air (Tue/Sat)
Arrival: 19:45
Departure: 13:00

Air India (Daily)
Arrival: 19:55
Departure: 13:20

Silk Air (Wed/Fri)
Arrival: 23:05
Departure: 16:15

Singapore Air (Daily)
Arrival: 05:55
Departure: 23:15

Chennai to Colombo Flight Schedule:

Sri Lankan Airlines (Daily)
Arrival: 03:50
Departure: 02:30

Sri Lankan Airlines (Daily)
Arrival: 11:30
Departure: 10:10

Jetair (Wed)
Arrival: 13:10
Departure: 11:50

Jetair (Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun)
Arrival: 14:10
Departure: 12:45

Spicejet (Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun)
Arrival: 14:40
Departure: 12:50

Air India (Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun)
Arrival: 15:35
Departure: 14:15

Spicejet (Wed)
Arrival: 17:30
Departure: 15:40

Sri Lankan Airlines (Daily)
Arrival: 17:30
Departure: 16:10

Jetair (Daily)
Arrival: 20:10
Departure: 18:45

Sri Lankan Airlines (Daily)
Arrival: 22:15
Departure: 20:55

Chennai to Kuala Lumpur Flight Schedule:

Jetair (Daily)
Arrival: 06:50
Departure: 00:30

Malaysian Airlines (Daily)
Arrival: 07:00
Departure: 00:40

Air Asia (Daily)
Arrival: 14:35
Departure: 08:10
Arrival: 00:25
Departure: 18:00

Chennai to Muscat Flight Schedule:

Oman Airways (Mon/Thu/Fri/Sun)
Arrival: 09:30
Departure: 07:15

Oman Airways (Wed)
Arrival: 18:00
Departure: 15:35

Oman Airways (Tue/Sat)
Arrival: 20:45
Departure: 18:20

Air India (Daily)
Arrival: 22:00
Departure: 19:45

Chennai to Bahrain Flight Schedule:

Gulf Air (Daily)
Arrival: 06:50
Departure: 04:15

Gulf Air  (Mon/Sun)
Arrival: 23:50
Departure: 21:15

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