British Council Library in Chennai

Books are the best friends of humans; it’s an old saying but still fits easily in our lives. Although the world has moved forward in technology and an era of computer has begun but still for some reading from the book has its own charm and for others British Council library has gone on line with its collection of E books, which provide you the facility of reading on net.

British Council Library located in Chennai

United Kingdom’s cultural relations organization is British Council it has a largest operation in India. British Council actually is a division of the British High Commission. 

It has offices in four metros and has various libraries in number of cities. It tries to promote the creativity, diversity and culture of British society through its programmes and centers.

British Council Library in Chennai

British society celebrated the golden jubilee of its library. Chennai is one of the 11 cities where British Council Library is situated. British Council Library in Chennai focuses on the following:

  • Arts and Culture
  • Learning and Teaching English
  • Library and Information Services
  • Education
  • Science
  • Rights and society

British Council Library has proved to be a goldmine of information about not only education but also of scholarship programmes and also other English Language courses which can help the students to get forward in their carrier and life. 

There are plenty of books on different subjects written in English language in this library, further it not just focuses on lending the available books but also a very careful detailed study is done to meet the needs of the subscribers of the Library.

Right now this Library has a huge collection of books based on its detailed study, around 70000 books for its virtual library plus a huge collection of paper books. The members of British Council Library can now read the books on the internet. 

British Council Library is moving hand in hand with technology. Carrying a physical book with you is no more needed as you can read anywhere and can get access to any book from the collection of 70000 books with the help of internet access.

This has even reduced the hassle of waiting for the books to be issued and of returning the book. British Council Library has opened the treasure for its subscribers anytime.

Events and Workshops by the British Council Library

Different events, courses and workshops are organised by each center of British council on the basis of the requirement of the members. 

Events related to Arts, Career enhancement courses, personality development courses and courses for improving your skills in English language etc. are provided by the library.

British Library in Chennai

Apart from providing such assistance the membership of British Council Library is also not very expensive rather its cheap.

Members of the Library also enjoy benefits of free entry in workshops etc. and also remain abreast with the latest happenings and events.

Special Features of the British Council Library

  • Apart from offering physical books, British Council Library is also providing E books. Collection of Thousands of books on internet provides easy accessibility.

  • The lush green lawns and ambiance provides the perfect serene environment for reading.

  • The library is completely automated and is equipped with Remote Frequency Identification Device (RFID), the technology able to self check in and outs gives its members accessibility to the library at all time and on all days of the week.

  • A 24 hrs cafeteria with a beautiful courtyard allows the members to get lost in the world of books while relaxing and sipping the coffee.

Registration and Membership of the British Centenary Library

Registration for a membership of British Council Library is available online. Registration form can be filled online. Fees need to be paid once your form is accepted.

Library of the British Council in Chennai

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