Three Cheers for Children in Chennai

Dear children, are you bored or leading a monotonous life doing just homework, studying for exams or searching maths short cuts on Google? Well, it is time for some enjoyment. Read on and you will know about fascinating places right near your city where you can spend your coming weekends with your family and friends. A day that is dedicated for the joy and lovely smile of children like you!

Happy now? Before you chalk out a plan to visit various places of amusement in and around your city Chennai, you must have a rough sketch about each one of them, about their distance from Chennai and also about what to expect. 

Entertainment in Amusement Parks in Chennai

Well, you have all this in these amusement parks in Chennai. Enjoy all the independence and fun you have been looking for and dreaming about while finishing your homework! Your parents will become kids once again, just like you, when they come across interesting rides, gadgets and crazy activities in these parks.

MGM Dizee World in Chennai

MGM "Dizzee World" Beach Resort (24 kms from Chennai)

This is a beach resort. Did you carry your swimming costume with you? If yes, you have come really well prepared for this picnic.

This is not only the largest amusement park in Chennai but also the largest in India. You are lucky to have it so near your home.

Run and get a place for yourself in spider spin, dashing cars, giant wheel, funny mountain, roller coaster, super trooper, water world. .

There is the snow valley which is actually an artificial snow shower with snow capped mountain and a snow man.

Dash-N-Splash (30 kms from Chennai)

It is situated on the National Highway leading to Bangalore. Reaching Mevallur Kuppam village (MGR district), you will almost shout with joy on witnessing exciting rides, seating areas, shops, eating joints and ambience which is absolutely right for picnic goers like you.

Dolphin World near Chennai

Dolphin City (46 kms from Chennai)

This is your opportunity to enjoy the unique American Sea Lion performance! And just like the actor in the film 'Zindagi na milegi dobara', you too can experience under water view in this park. Hey, You look really excited!

Well, there's more! There are thrilling activities to indulge in like boating, open air theatre, swimming, disco scooter, animal simulator, slides, chuck wagon, dragon ride, tea cup. 

Kishkinta near Chennai

Kishkinta (33 kms from Chennai)

Time to sit and be one with nature. Use this trip  to Kishkinta to show your gratitude to mother nature for wonderful hills, lakes and greenery. 

You can change gears after sometime and be your energetic self enjoying hi-tech rides and activities like wave pool, kiddies kingdom, white water and space shuttle.

Little Folks (46 kms from Chennai)

Needless to ask if you are tired. You won't be tired on your real tour, what to talk of this virtual visit. Children are enthusiastic and happy always and this is something even adults can learn from you.

Have you been to Mahabalipuram? This park is situated on the way to Mahabalipuram. Well, you will find rides, rainbow fountain, paddle pool, open air theatre, slide-into-pool and guess what? Cartoon show! Do not forget to click pictures of that giant piano in the park. 

All this seems so irresistible! Can you wait till the weekend? But you also know that considering the distance of these parks from Chennai, you will need to spare an entire day or two to enjoy each of these rides to your heart's content. 

Word of caution: follow all the instructions before entering water rides, pack your school bag beforehand for Monday and finish all your homework to enjoy to the hilt. Best of luck for all the rides and enjoyable moments with your family and friends.

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